Physical Therapy

Do you have trouble with being active throughout the day? Do your bones ache when moving around the house?

Hire a physical therapy specialist from Allegiance Home Care Services, Inc and take the first steps in alleviating your pain. 

More than two-thirds of the patients who regularly utilize physical therapy for knee, shoulder, or spine injury have reported progress without taking unnecessary medications.

Our goal is providing a pain-relief therapy in the privacy of your home, in order to improve your overall quality of life. Our physical therapists here at Allegiance Home Care Services, Inc will do their best to help you return to your work, hobbies, or sports. We proudly serve cities of Virginia including Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Newport News, Hampton, and Williamsburg.

Physical Therapy in Hampton, VA

Who Needs Physical Therapy Services?

Anyone who wants to get back to an active lifestyle should think about hiring a physical therapist. Our therapists, with a friendly and encouraging approach will aid you in participating in your therapy exercise program to help reduce pain and your fears. When working with our patients our therapists only focus is your recovery and will provide any information and feedback to help you heal the fastest.

Physical Therapy in Virginia

What does Physical Therapy Services include?

Physical therapy includes treatment and evaluation for different conditions and injuries, such as:

  • Sports-related injuries
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Work-related injuries
  • Interventions after surgeries
  • Balance deficits
  • Neurological disorders

If needed, these services can be extended to ultrasound, neuromuscular re-education, iontophoresis, and more.

How to Start with Physical Therapy?

Give us a call and schedule your first appointment. We will be more than happy to give you additional information on the therapy, providers, scheduling, and insurance.

Do you have a tight schedule and are only available in the evening?

No worries, we will work together and agree on the time you are the most comfortable with.

Start your pain-relief therapy as soon as possible. Why live in pain when you don’t need to? Meet Allegiance Home Care Services, Inc staff, and see why others have chosen our therapists.

Book Physical Therapy in Hampton, Virginia with Allegiance Home Care Services, Inc today!


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